Los Altos Lodge No. 712

Los Altos Lodge
is a place where men
develop deep friendships and
grow in their Masonic journey

Our Trestleboards and Files

Our Trestleboards contain all of the information about and the planned activities for our Lodge

LA712 Trestleboard March 2020

LA712 Trestleboard Febuary 2020

LA712 Trestleboard January 2020

LA712 Trestleboard December 2019

LA712 Trestleboard November 2019

LA712 Trestleboard October 2019

LA712 Trestleboard September 2019

LA712 Trestleboard August 2019

LA712 Trestleboard July 2019

LA712 Trestleboard June 2019

LA712 Trestleboard May 2019

LA712 Trestleboard April 2019 *

LA712 Trestleboard March 2019

LA712 Trestleboard February 2019

LA712 Trestleboard January 2019

LA712 Trestleboard December 2018

LA712 Trestleboard November 2018

LA712 Trestleboard October 2018

LA712 Trestleboard September 2018

LA712 Trestleboard August 2018

LA712 Trestleboard July 2018

LA712 Trestleboard June 2018

LA712 Trestleboard May 2018

LA712 Trestleboard Apr 2018

LA712 Trestleboard Mar 2018

LA712 Trestleboard Feb 2018

LA712 Trestleboard Jan 2018

LA712 Trestleboard Dec 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Nov 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Oct 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Sep 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Aug 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Jul 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Jun 2017

LA712 Trestleboard May 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Apr 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Mar 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Feb 2017

LA712 Trestleboard Jan 2017

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Our Website Files contain Papers of Interest and Awards

Map to Our Lodge

Masonic Papers

Past Masters

Hiram Award Receipients

Sciots Cornerstone Award Recipients

What is Masonry?

Masonry is the world’s first and largest fraternal organization.  It is guided by the enduring belief that each man has a responsibility to make the world a better place.  For 300 years, Freemasonry has enhanced and strengthened the character of individual men by providing opportunities for fellowship, charity, and the search for truth – within ourselves and the larger world.

Our Mission and Our Lodge

Los Altos Masonic Lodge No. 712 is a constituent lodge of the Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of California. The lodge room pictured above is in the Los Altos Masonic Center Building, located at 146 Main Street in beautiful downtown Los Altos, California. Stated meeting nights are scheduled on the first Monday of each month (holidays excepted), and begin with dinner in the downstairs lodge dining room at 6:30 p.m. followed by our regular stated meeting in the lodge room at 7:30 p.m.

Our new building elevator transports between all floors and the dining room! After-dinner programs are also regularly scheduled in the lodge dining room for the ladies, family members, visitors, and guests.

Rewards of Being a Freemason

Making True Friends

Masonry is a community of men and their families who share similar beliefs and values. The fraternity finds it important to connect with other men of honor, compassion, love, trust, and knowledge, regardless of their race, color, religious beliefs, political views, sexual orientation, physical ability, citizenship, or national origin. We are friends and brothers, and are connected through this vital and uplifting organization of moral men.

Improving Ourselves

Our continuing pursuit of truth, knowledge, ethics, and leadership skills makes us better men and brings more meaning to our lives. Learning the tenets of Freemasonry, paired with being active members of our community, gives us the opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills, and builds self-discipline through commitment and self-confidence.

Having an Impact

As a member of the Freemasons, the Grand Lodge of California, and Los Altos Lodge No. 712, we are a part of a worldwide organization that values tradition, history, and timeless wisdom. The traditions and core values of our fraternity are meaningful today and will endure for centuries to come because of our direct impact in our community, through our charities, and on a personal level.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining Los Altos lodge or to request any additional information, please contact us via our lodge secretary, Chris Swartout.

Contact us

Masonic news

Past Present

When Bob Sachs first peered inside the vault in the basement of his lodge hall, he wasn’t totally sure what he was looking at, but there, wrapped in canvas, was a five-foot-tall painting of George Washington dressed in a Masonic apron.

Pyramid Scheme

What started as an idea to turn a quick buck on a national holiday morphed into a million-dollar idea for North Bay Mason Jim McCullough.

Trust Fall

During lockdown, the usually reserved Rio Santonil was compelled by an urge for action. And so, in September, he resolved to fulfill a lifetime goal and go skydiving. And then he did it again. And again. And again.

A Second Home

Fraternal organizations played a historic and civic role within Filipino American communities. Learn more about the rapid growth of Fil-Am Freemasonry.

California Freemason: The Filipino Issue

In the latest issue of California Freemason, we explore that special bond and celebrate the many ways Filipino American Masons have and continue to strengthen the fraternity.

An Absolute Corker

Shrouded in equal parts mystery and merriment, Ye Antient Order of Noble Corks is a bit of an outlier even within the sometimes bewildering world of Freemasonry.

At Refreshment

A curious thing happens at the close of many Masonic lodges. Drinks are poured. Glasses clink. Mirth swells. The lodge is “at refreshment,” an important if unofficial custom that encapsulates so much of what #Freemasonry is all about.

The Spring Refresh

Belly up to the bar and pour yourself a drink: It’s California Freemason magazine’s Spring Drinks issue, our libatious celebration of the spirit-raising power of a good drink shared with good friends.

Strength in Numbers

In a year without lodge, California Freemasons made their presence felt like never before.

The Annual Report 2020

From virtual gatherings  to lifesaving Masonic relief programs, learn about how California Masons and donors have continued to create profound impact and further define what it means to be a Freemason for years to come.

Designing the Future

Read the latest issue of California Freemason magazine and learn more about the ways California Masons are designing the membership experience of the future.

The Mystery House

When Bay Area resident William Arney—a member of Marin Lodge No. 191 and California Lodge No. 1—noticed a For Rent sign at the former home of detective novelist Dashiell Hammett, he had no clue what he was getting himself into as he began to look into the real estate mystery. Read more in the newest issue of […]

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